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How to Remove Hard Urine Stains From Toilet

 How To Remove Hard Urine Stains From Toilet      So you want to know how you can clean hard urine stains off your toilet? I will share exactly how to clean it. You will need only 3 ingredients, baking soda, vinegar, optional lemon essential oil You Need: Baking Soda Vinegar A sponge Lemon Essential Oil (optional) Tea Tree Essential Oil (optional) How to Use This to Get Rid Of Them Urine Stains          For this urine stain removal recipe, we are using all natural products of course. First, grab some baking soda and pour it into a bowl ( doesn't matter the brand ) and add some vinegar. If you are not a fan of the way vinegar smell, you can cut that scent down by adding a few drops of tea tree oil and lemon essential oil.      When I tell you I can't stand the smell of vinegar, I really just can not. So in most of my natural bathroom cleaner recipes, I seem to consistently add lemon or some type of citrusy smell. But also, let's be clear, lemon essential oils, is a really go

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